Well Here We Are…

Welcome legends to the very new beginning of an exciting new chapter.
Here it is.
A Blog.
Who would of thought.
Not You.
Not me.
But still.
Here we are.

Haha jokes aside, I am extremely ecstatic to be starting a blog, another platform for me to babble on to and post my pictures and splurge my motivational speeches. Lucky you.
If you’re still here. Well done and Thankyou you boss.

But anyways – if you’re new to the ‘Ash Paterson’ scenario – Let me introduce myself. Something Short and something Sweet. I Promise.
I am 18 years old with a passion for photography, videography, design and adventure.
Practically chasing the dream. Literally.
Here on this blog I will be taking you on the many upcoming adventures and explorations around the world with me, just as if you were living them with me.
Im an advocator for ‘Dream Living.’ And thats exactly what I Aim to do.
Inspire and motivate all you legends to escape the “norm” and to take a leap of faith after your dreams and aspirations.
If you’re keen. Then lets bloody well do this.

See you soooooooooon 🙂